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Respect, Trust, Patience

My approach to Real Estate is really no different than my approach to life: Respect, Trust and Patience is what I like to bring to both. It's never just about getting a quick sale or finding the easiest purchase, it's about understanding your family's needs. Where you are in your life, your interests, your passions - YOU. Then finding the right neighborhood and community that will embrace your family and allow you to thrive. As a full time Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible.

I look forward to the opportunity of working for you!


Specializing in Residential Real Estate for Hamilton Wentworth Areas including Burlington, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Glanbrook, Binbrook, Dundas, Caledonia, Flamborough, Waterdown, Grimsby and surrounding areas.

CMHC price hike - will it adversely affect your decision to purchase a home?

CMHC recently announced an increase in insurance premiums for home buyers with less than 10 percent down. This comes into effect June 1, 2015. To find out more, check out these websites: More info...

Hamilton's hot real estate market sees "open offers"

While enjoying my morning coffee and perusing thru social media tidbits, I came across an article on Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine regarding the Hamilton real estate market. More info...

What My Clients Say About Me

  • Katherine & Matt

    Anne (Agent Extraordinaire!), We can't thank you enough for all your help and hard work. You made this a great experience and we couldn't be any happier. Thank you a thousand times.

  • Richard W.

    As a first time home buyer, I couldn't have asked for a better agent than Anne. She let me know what to look for in my first home. As overwhelmed as I sometimes felt, she helped everything make sense and truly made it an enjoyable experience. She was genuinely excited for me and she made sure that I found the perfect home. Thanks so much Anne!!!

  • Kevin M.

    Working with Anne made the whole experience of finding the right home for me, a true pleasure. Her positive attitude made it fun and her market knowledge meant I didn't waste time looking at houses that weren't right for me. Her friendly advice and guidance were also very helpful in the whole decision making process. Thank you Anne for all of your help. It is so satisfying to now be living in the perfect home.

  • Kathy R.

    Selling my first home was an emotional time for me and Anne made it so much easier! She is professional, knowledgeable and so friendly and made a difficult transition so much better. With her guidance, we listed at an appropriate price point and sold on the first day we took offers! (Three offers on the table and we got slightly above asking)! Anne will be the first person I contact the next time I jump into the real estate market!

  • Steve J.

    Anne is the best, she helped my wife and I find an awesome house quickly for a fantastic price. She was our champon through the whole transaction and made everything go super-smooth. We will use her again when we buy our rental. She's an awesome real estate agent, hooray!

  • Diana P.

    Thank you Anne McMillan for selling my moms house in just ONE WEEK !! You're amazing!!!!!!!

  • Laura P.

    As a newcomer to the real estate scene, it is an understatement to say that it was all a bit overwhelming. I was lucky enough to meet Anne while visiting one of her open houses. I knew right away that she was the type of person I wanted to work with. Anne made sure that I understood every single aspect of the real estate game and was extremely patient with my numeours questions. She was always available to visit the many houses I wanted to walk through and made sure I didn't settle on anything less than perfect for me. I would definitely recommend Anne to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a house. It has been an amazing experience working with Anne and I'm glad to say she helped me find an unbelievable house that I cannot wait to live in for years to come.

  • Terry S.

    I just have to say how much I have and do appreciated all the time and effort that you have put into selling me a home and selling my home. It has been by far the best real estate experience that I have had ever and I have bought and sold over 12 homes. Your personality, attitude, openness and understanding makes you a good real estate agent and a great person.

  • Adam G.

    I just wanted to thank you personally for all the work you have done for my father and I. When my father needed to look at each house/property you were patient and understanding given English isn't his first language. You helped us navigate through the listings and showed us exactly what we were looking for. I have to say, I haven?t had a realtor put together deals as efficiently as you did for us. The professionalism, knowledge base, and over the top service we received was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family.

  • Robert M.

    It gives me great pleasure to be able to recommend Anne McMillan to you if you are in need of an excellent Real Estate agent. I recently engaged Anne to facilitate the sale of my home and the purchase of a new one. As you probably know, these processes can be emotionally charged, frustrating, enjoyable and fun all at the same time. Anne took the time and had the patience to fully understand my needs and then help me do what was right and find what felt right for me. Unlike several RE agents I have met over the years, Anne wasn't looking to get a deal(s) done. Instead she offered support, guidance, advice and made sure I understood every phase and phrase of the transactions. Hire her. It will be your first, best decision.

  • Kevin & Linda S.

    The service and personal attention we received from Anne was exceptional and unexpected from a Realtor! Her knowledge of the local market and key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our dream home. Anne did a great job of advertising and promoting our property. She is a professional who thoroughly understands the various aspects of the real estate market, such as property values, marketing, legal issues, and people skills. She made sure we got the best offer for our previous home and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one! Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend her to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.

  • Andrew B.

    My wife and I listed with Anne just as we were leaving on a long-planned tour of Nova Scotia. Even with the economic downturn, Anne got us 2 offers and correctly assessed which to reject, and how much higher to counter-offer at. Thanks to her hard work, we sold our house while on vacation for more than we thought we could get for it. I would recommend Anne to anyone who is looking for a hard-worker with a good understanding of the real-estate market in the Hamilton area.

  • Nancy J.

    Anne has proven to be an asset to my recent home search activities. She is energetic about her role in helping me with my home search, knowledgeable about markets and pricing, and a good resource for negotiations and offers. Her availability and knowledge made the whole process run smoothly. She was also able to make some recommendations on neighbourhoods, trends, and third party providers such as home inspectors and contractors. My overall experience was made much more positive and much less stressful with Anne on board!!

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